Best Bitcoin Casinos Australia

Bitcoin (BTC) is the name of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Since security is essential to online gamblers, this is one reason Bitcoin has continued to thrive as a payment method in online casinos. Besides gambling, most people use BTC to transfer funds all around the world.

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Welcome bonus
300 AUD + 100 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 25 AUD
Wagering: x40
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250 AUD + 100 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 30 AUD
Wagering: x25
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7,500 AUD + 550 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 30 AUD
Wagering: x50
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500 AUD + 100 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 25 AUD
Wagering: x40
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1,500 AUD + 150 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 30 AUD
Wagering: x45
Welcome bonus
1,500 AUD + 150 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 25 AUD
Wagering: x50
Welcome bonus
300 AUD + 200 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 25 AUD
Wagering: x40
Neosurf - Min. 10 AUD Tether - Min. 10 USDT Cards - Min. 15 AUD
Welcome bonus
150 AUD + 100 FS
Minimum deposit: Amount of 20 AUD
Wagering: x50
Welcome bonus

Asides from the popularity and security of BTC, another reason players in Australia love using this payment method is its anonymity. For more info on the Australian Bitcoin casino payment method, continue reading the article!

Bitcoin Casino – What is It?

A Bitcoin casino permits using Bitcoin as a payment method for deposit and withdrawals in a casino. Blockchain technology controls this cryptocurrency, making it a secure payment method. Therefore, players can use Bitcoins to fund the games they intend to wager on at this type of casino.

Here are other reasons for the popularity of Bitcoin casinos worldwide.

  • Offers immediate payout.
  • Zero fees on transactions are charged.
  • Verification is not necessary for most of them.
  • Offers unlimited amounts of daily transactions.
  • Secures owners’ identity and funds.

The use of Bitcoin casino Australia is quickly rising in popularity among various country players, even in Australia because it provides users with complete anonymity and total control over their coins. Another reason is that digital currencies are referred to as one of the safest forms of gambling by so many users.

Security of Gamblers in Crypto Casino Australia

Since cryptocurrency is unlike the conventional bank that most people have been comfortable using, they find it hard to trust it. This is why it is necessary to point out that using Bitcoin casino Australia to wager online in casinos and to withdraw your monetary rewards is a safe choice. In fact, it is stated to be one of the most secure methods of payment around the world.

Like the other conventional currencies used in different countries, the value of cryptocurrency also fluctuates. So, it is best to keep track of this to choose wisely. For instance, if you win an amount, but the value is reduced, you can wait to withdraw it later when it rises again.

Alternative Deposit Methods of Cryptocurrency at Online Casinos

Although Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency, everyone knows. However, this is not to say that there aren’t others lurking in the shadows of Bitcoin for their turn to shine. Luckily, some of these other cryptocurrencies are becoming quite popular among casinos online as a payment method. Therefore, below are some alternatives to Bitcoin you can expect on gambling sites.

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

While it is not possible to find them together at all casino sites as a banking method like Bitcoin, there are some best Bitcoin casino sites that provide them as an alternative payment method to Bitcoin.

Popular Bitcoin Forks Today

Bitcoin forks refer to the process of dividing a blockchain. Various cryptocurrencies use the Bitcoin procedure to execute similar currencies. These variations of Bitcoin are known as Bitcoin forks. Below is a list of popular ones online.

  • Bitcoin Cash: Introduced in 2017, Bitcoin Cash is a new fork that came into existence after an extensive debate in the crypto community. It was created to boost the capacity of transactions on Bitcoin cash casino sites. Hence, Bitcoin Cash boosts the block size to 8 MB. Also you can find some Bitcoin cash casino sites online.
  • Bitcoin Diamond: Also created in 2017, like the previous two, the Bitcoin Diamond was made to enhance the privacy of customers and offer them lower fees. Like Bitcoin Cash, this fork uses a new algorithm and a block size of 8 MB.

These Bitcoin forks are quite popular too. So, don’t be surprised when you see some of them in these online casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Many people are excited with the establishment of online Bitcoin casino sites. Now, players can make transactions that are less susceptible to cyber theft. If you prefer this payment method and want to gamble with it, there are some things you need to do.

First, you need to set up a personal wallet. It is somewhat similar to the e-wallets banking method on online casinos like PayPal and Neteller. You can buy Bitcoins on the open market after creating your account. Once your wallet is loaded with funds, you can gamble to your heart’s content, as long as you do so responsibly by setting a limit for yourself.

How to Make Deposits at Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet already, then you can begin to make deposits on your chosen online casino Bitcoin site to play Bitcoin casino games of your choice. Below are some steps you need to take.

  1. Select an online casino. However, ensure that it accepts crypto as a payment method.
  2. Input your wallet address as required.
  3. Choose the deposit amount you are comfortable with and can afford to do away with in case you don’t win.
  4. Confirm the transaction to ensure that the number of zeros you intend to input is correct. Then, you can start playing and cashing out on your favourite Bitcoin casino games.

It is important to check the deposit limit for the casino, bank method, and game you wish to play. This way, you don’t forfeit offers or waste your money on games you can’t play. Hence, make adequate findings before proceeding.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings by Using Bitcoin

Sites that support crypto as a payment method will also include it as a withdrawal method. Similar to the depositing process, the withdrawal process is quite straightforward. All you need to do to cash out your funds from any Bitcoin online casino in Australia is summarized below.

  1. Input the specific amount you wish to cash out from your casino bankroll.
  2. Select Bitcoin as the withdrawal method.
  3. Input your wallet address where required.
  4. Confirm that the address is correct. Then, wait a few minutes for your money to drop into your Bitcoin wallet.

It is a joyful moment cashing out your wins from your casino bankroll. However, you should know how to do it right so that you don’t end up losing more money than you should. Hence, you can follow the easy steps above for enlightenment.


Bitcoin transactions are processed instantly. However, verifying your profile at the online casino Bitcoin site is important to speed up the process and time limit of cashing out your winnings. Usually, there are no additional charges upon deposits and withdrawals when using cryptocurrency in an online casino.However, there is a limit on the amount you can deposit and withdraw on some Bitcoin casino online Australia. These limits vary depending on the casino you decide to gamble in. Therefore, ensure that you check this out so that there is no confusion when it is time to make the necessary transactions.